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As a person who has been thrilled by animated action shots since I was a child, I was very interested in all aspects that went into creating these visuals in different mediums. At university I focused on 3D animation and rigging and I aspire to be part of numerous creative projects in my future work in order to bring a wondrous experience to life. I believe the process of animation requires great imagination with endless possibilities which makes me enjoy both viewing animation and creating it. I also consider myself an organised person and this plays a big role in my rigging process, as rigging has a more technical aspect which requires problem solving and quick thinking. Having the skills of both animation and rigging gives me an advantage when working on projects considering the way they interlink. It was wonderful seeing how they worked in a pipeline when I was working on our group film ‘Adrift’. I also had an incredible opportunity to experience the industry environment as I took part in a mentorship program at Axis Studios in Glasgow. My time there working alongside the rigging team has made me strive to improve my skills even further.

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The first image shows my character Nemo. The process of creating this character took around 6 months. After her re-design, I learned a lot of new things while I was modeling this character going back and forth between Zbrush and Maya and fixing her up after feedback. I also gained some experience when I was texturing her in Substance Painter. The biggest challenge was rigging this character as I was both learning and implementing my scripting and rigging skills at the same time. There was some trial and error involved but I am happy with the result and cartoon deformations this character can achieve, and I can't wait to further improve this rig as my skills grow.

I worked on multiple projects this year, my animation projects mostly focused on appeal and semi realistic movement. While my rigging projects were more varied as I explored the different types of rigs that can be created, from robots to quadrupeds to tentacles and characters, to find which I loved more and wanted to continue working on. I enjoy rigging characters, robots and things like tentacles as they add a bit of a challenge in the creation process.

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