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Hello everyone! I'm Natalie Litlekalsoy and this year I specialised in 2D animation and character design. Thanks to this course I have learned so much about the different aspects of the animation pipeline and the importance of being a reliable team member. I have worked with so many amazing and talented people on films such as "The Walk", which I did some animation work for. I also worked on various character design projects such as "Dancing Cats", which consisted of two cats designed to be characters of a children's cartoon. Children's cartoons have been such an inspiration to me for many years, and being able to create characters fit for a children's show was very exciting and interesting to do. Having the opportunity to meet such knowledgeable and talented tutors, alongside meeting so many encouraging and inspiring classmates has been such an honour. I will never take my time at DJCAD for granted and will go into the future with hope that I will be able to use what I have learned in my career.

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Here is a collection of work from various projects I did throughout the year!

My character design projects include:
- A toddler design of a little girl called Daisy for a group project I worked on called "Tea".
- Cat designs for my specialist skills project "Dancing Cats" who are based off of my own cats.
- A prince design for my friend Molly Lockharts comic "Cat Skin".

I have also included my animation showreel so you can see what work I have completed for both group projects and individual projects.
You will find:
- Shots from my group project "Tea", a short film about a mother and daughter relationship and how this changes as time goes on.
- Shots from the film "The Walk", a short film about the life of a farmer and his dog and the life they have together.
- A lip sync project I worked on by myself which includes audio from the movie "Mean Girls".

You can find more work at

I hope you enjoy having a look!

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