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I chose to specialise in comics and storyboarding when I realised these were great mediums to combine my love of drawing with storytelling. During my time on this course I have started developing the skills I need to build a cinematic narrative. I had the opportunity to get feedback from my tutors, peers and professional comics artists while attending my mentorship. This was invaluable to my project work and allowed me to get to know great artists. Initially, I storyboarded part of what was intended to be a group film named ‘Clash of Chords’ (pictured). As well as this I produced my own personal animatic project based on a segment of the 28 days later film script (stills featured). My two comics projects are based around bizarre subject matter - nightmares and a fairy tale princess who dresses up as a large wild cat! I am eager to continue growing my skill set in producing effective visuals- it is so exciting to think about the ‘acting’ involved and the most effective framing of the characters whether they are confined within a panel or a screen. When this is done effectively it can draw the audience into the story, I strive to achieve in my work in future. Helping to create life and rhythm in sequential imagery is a fascinating part to both comics and storyboarding. In pursuing these mediums I am continuing to build upon my skill set. I wish to pursue further opportunities and experiences that will allow me to involve myself in them professionally.

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Here are some previews of my comic and storyboarding work - as well as a glimpse of one of my life drawings.

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