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Creating characters has been a passion of mine since I was a child, when I would doodle away and make up stories surrounding my drawings. The animation course at DJCAD has allowed me to pursue that passion in my specialisms of character design and 3D modelling and has provided me with the opportunity to engage in different projects that helped improve and bolster my skills. I still have a long way to go and I hope to continue to improve and learn more in the industry!

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1. Confectionary Cavalry Project - Character Lineup

2. Chocolate Knight Turnaround and Construction Sheets

3. Chocolate Knight and Cotton Candy Mage Final Concept

4. Marshmallow Warrior and Liquorice Ninja Final Concept

5. Chocolate Knight Weapon and Gesture Sheet

6. Adrift Project - Ruby Turnaround and Expression Sheets

7. Adrift Project - Rivet Turnaround, Expression and Gesture Sheets

8. Retired Disney Princess 3D Model Turnaround

9. Blood Dealer 3D Model Turnaround

10. Chocolate Knight 3D Model Turnaround

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