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I specialise in 3D modelling and texturing, with my focus being character art for VFX and games. I especially love working on fantasy and Sci-Fi characters and creatures, taking most of my inspiration from games and cinema. In my work I focused on learning the correct workflow for creating characters and taking them through the rest of the production pipeline. In my final year I had the chance to use my skills on the group film 'Adrift' as well as coordinating our team of over 12 people as production manager. I not only learned more about where my specialisms fit in the pipeline but also helped in other areas like storyboarding, lighting and rendering. I also took part in the BFX Competition in Bournemouth. Over seven weeks our group of five created a 30 second advert for a charity client, who we interacted with to create their vision. We were also being supervised by industry professional mentors. I really enjoy working with others, and find fulfillment in passing on what I know to other team mates. I was also fortunate enough to gain a mentorship at Axis Studios, giving me an insight into a professional studio environment and improving the quality of my work through fantastic feedback! I can’t wait to enter the industry, so I can continue to develop my skills and learn from other artists. My end goal would be to become a character artist and perhaps lead a small team in the future. Check my Artstation for portfolio work and my Instagram for art updates and daily life drawing.

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These are my personal works all produced during my final year featured in the images an my showreel:
'Harbinger' Character Sculpt
'Vessel' Cinematic Character
'Dwarfen Axe' Real-Time Prop
'Self Portrait'

Thank you Andrew Mironov and Dhenzel Obeng for letting me use your awesome concepts. See their work at:

Huge Thank You to Brendan and Sharon for being amazing lecturers and motivators throughout our time at DJCAD. Also a massive thank you to Axis Studios for allowing me the opportunity to be a mentee at their studio and especially to Carlo and Amy for being incredible mentors and always pushing me to do better. Also a big thanks to my fellow students, who I hope to see again soon, when the world is normal again.


Prize Winner - William Armstrong Davidson Prize

Third, fourth or fifth year student of outstanding ability

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