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Much of my inspiration comes from nature, which is why I feel at home in the realm of 2D effects, such as waves, rain, and reflections on water. Luckily, my team’s short film 'The Walk' provided plenty of opportunity to do exactly that (and to use research as an excuse to go hiking in the Highlands!). With concept art being my second specialism, I helped develop the film’s visual style and painted some of its backgrounds. For my other projects, I explored a range of styles, such as highly detailed pen drawings, but also digital paintings inspired by Japanese woodblock prints. In the end, it is all about the mood. I have a favourite way to go about it: always add a bit of mystery, the feeling that the world we are looking at is in truth larger than what we perceive.

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1. Still image from a scene for “The Walk”. I painted the background and animated the river current.
2. Developing visual style for “The Walk”.
3. More style experiments for landscape.
4. Initial colour script for “The Walk”, from back when we were not settled on a storyboard and character designs yet. 
5. Dragon designs for the “Ryuuji” project by Ami Kyle, inspired by Japanese art.
6. Exploring a possible visual style for “Ryuuji”. In the story, a town gets invaded by demons, when a dragon (the one mentioned above) saves it. 
7. Another visual experiment, inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and inkbrush paintings.
8. “Map’s Edge” - a personal project about a girl travelling through strange worlds and encountering its inhabitants. 
9. Life drawing: short poses drawn with pen.
10. Life drawing: long poses, various media.


Prize Winner - Alexander Leslie Russell Prize

Third, fourth or fifth year student of outstanding ability

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