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I am a 2D artist specialising in character design and concept art. I've always had a passion for video games and film, so I was really excited to get deep into world building with my video game concept MAR! It allowed me to really develop my digital painting skills, and telling a story through my work. I am a big fan of orange! And drawing! (orange subject to change)

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These images are all from some of the projects I've worked on this year, MAR, Clash of Chords, 3D Warrior, and What If Goblins Never Went Extinct?

MAR Synopsis:
My main project MAR is an idea for a 3D adventure game set on a planet flooded by global warming and natural disaster. In preparation for the disaster, the inhabitants of the planet built walking cities to preserve the population. The cities walk above the ocean using power harnessed from powerful water spirits, however these creatures have been enslaved by the cities’ rulers in order to extract more of their power, which has turned the spirits corrupt and angry. The protagonist, Kai, is the last of a fish-like race, and is one day awoken by a voice in their head instructing them to leave the city and discover the truth behind the cities' cruel power. It’s here they meet the first of the corrupt spirits living in a sunken city and after defeating and freeing it, learns the truth about how the cities are run. They then go on a quest to save the rest of the spirits, aided by the ones they free along the way.

Hope ya like my work! :^)

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