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Specialising in concept art and 2D character animation, my time at DJCAD has aided me in improving my skills in visual storytelling and expression, as well as learning to become a reliable member of a production team. Most of my work focuses on creating appealing and impactful design and concept art, as well as bringing designs to life in animation, a medium I have been in love with since I was young. I worked on the film project ‘Maria’ as the main concept artist and 2D animator, as well as my own concept design project ‘Hamster Tarot’. Much of my work is based on my admiration of powerful and bold femininity, creating a more adult-themed, seductive concept for the film. I’ve really enjoyed taking these concepts into animation, getting to work with body expression and acting can be so much fun and greatly rewarding to see come to life on screen. I’m also fond of cutesy or bizarre and stylised design, something I have been exploring in my own personal project and aim to continue to improve on. I’ve loved my time on the course and I’m thankful for all I have learned in the past 3 years, and I hope to go on to do much more in the industry!

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Images 1-4 from concept design for MARIA
Images 4-7 from concept design for Ham Tarot
Image 8 from concept design for HANNYA
Images 9-10 life drawing

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