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This year I have specialised in 2D and 3D character animation. I have always had a great passion for drawing, storytelling and animation so I wanted to explore different animation techniques. I also wanted to create a project where I could combine 3D with 2D. I love using a variety of visual styles and exploring how they help to convey stories and characters, which is why in my personal projects I have aimed to experiment with different styles such as more extreme rubber hose animation contrasting with a more realistic animation. I enjoy showing personality and differences in movement between characters and also the subtleties of facial animation. I am passionate about conveying motion through my drawings and am constantly striving for improvement in my poses and timing. I gained valuable experience whilst working as an animator on the short group film “Adrift”. Being part of this film has helped to improve my 3D animation skills and confidence and I really enjoyed working as part of the team.

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Thank you for watching my showreel.

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