Deborah Barker

Hello, by now you have probably read a lot of artist's statements, describing their love of their craft, dreams from early childhood being realised and that these have been the most formative years of their lives. I would be lying if I said I was not one of them, however I would be far more interested in introducing you to the many worlds and characters’ lives I have explored during my last year of university. For instance, I believe there is a small voice in all of us that stands in complete defiance of logic and rationality, so what would it look like to find such a voice embodied as a person in everyday life? -‘Crazy Debbie’ (Comic). During every epic adventure there are always secondary, perhaps smaller characters whose stories are never told, such as this tale of a snail’s desperate plight to get to Noah’s Ark in time -‘Noah’s Ark’ (Animatic). Quiet moments of growth over cups of tea find a single mother navigating her relationship with her daughter who grows up and eventually moves out -‘Tea’ (Animatic). The story lies at the heart of everything I do, which is why I chose to pursue storyboarding and comics, and these stories reflect who I am what I have felt throughout my years at university. I hope these stories will bring you even a fraction of the joy I felt creating them and I wish you a happy continued browsing.

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