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From a young age I have existed on a staple diet of comic books, films and metal music. Having first come to DJCAD with little to no clue of what path my art would take I was drawn to 3D animation, eventually specialising in 3D environment modelling and comic book design, opening up two potential avenues for professional work. Whilst working on my own personal projects I was able to experiment by creating two short comics "Daydreamer" and "Rad Mad" and explore 3D environment modelling and texturing for both interior and exterior environments and creating vehicles and assets which fit into the 3D film pipeline.

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I work traditionally in 2D with ink and pencil to illustrate and create independent comics and in digital 3D as an environment modelling and texture artist.

Full version of comics available at point of enquiry.

A selection of comic artwork from comics and concepts for my degree year.

1 - The Dreamer
2 - Rad Mad comic cover
3/4/5 - Rad Mad comic pages
6 - Unimaginable and Unintelligible Horror
7/8 - Day Dreamer comic cover and pages
9 - Spray & Pray
10 - Vampire Ranch concept

Prints are available online at my Artstation website -

For any enquiries feel free to contact me via my email-

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