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I am a 2D concept artist and character designer who has always loved 2D animation. Even now, I still enjoy cartoons and 2D films and take a lot of inspiration in how they create memorable characters that feel tangible. Studying animation at DJCAD has allowed me to explore and develop my own skills as a character designer to produce solid and exciting designs that would eventually be animated. Being able to breathe life into these characters and make a flat drawing look three-dimensional is a process I find really rewarding and exciting. During my final year at DJCAD I helped work on the character designs for my group project ‘The Walk’ and it was really satisfying seeing these characters being animated so fluidly by my fellow team mates. As well as my group film, I also created characters for my own personal projects ‘Frog King’ and ‘The Marriage of Mrs Fox’, both of which were based on Grimm fairy tales. In the future, I hope to be able to take the skills I have learned and developed here at DJCAD and use them in the industry to help create memorable and unique characters.

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Here is some of the work I did during my last year.
1 - Concept art of the Princess's room I did for my personal project 'The Frog King'.
2 - Concept art of the magical forest where the Princess meets the frog, again for my personal project, 'The Frog King'. 
3 - Concept art for my group film 'The Walk'. This features the two main characters when they were younger.
4 - Character design turnaround of the Princess from 'The Frog King'.
5 - A gesture sheet for the Princess.
6 - An expression sheet for my Cat Maid character from another personal project, 'The Marriage of Mrs. Fox'.
7 - A gesture sheet for my Cat Maid character.
8 - A character turnaround of Mrs. Fox from the same personal project 'The Marriage of Mrs. Fox'.
9 - A gesture sheet of Mr. Fox, again from the same project.
10 - Some life drawing I did over the semester.

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