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In my final year I chose to specialise in 2D animation and character design and I contributed both of these skills to several projects which allowed me to work in a few different styles ranging from more realistic, anatomical work to the more stylized. I’m primarily focused on character-driven work through which I can explore emotion, performance and gesture. I’m interested in the things that make all of us different and human. In my work - whether I’m designing a new character or animating a character’s performance – I’m always trying to tap into the stuff that I think is maybe a bit unique to me - that only I could make. Most of all, I just really enjoy the process of working on animated projects more than anything else. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see things slowly come together and can be just as devastating when they fall apart. There is so much work that goes into making a film, at every stage of the pipeline. It’s tough, painstaking and grueling and I love it. During this last year I feel like I have leveled up as an animator, an artist and as a person and while I still have a lot more learning to do, I’m looking forward to hopefully finding a place in the industry and I’m excited to see where I end up next. Big thanks to my classmates, teammates, Level 3 assistants, tutors, staff and everyone who helped me, encouraged me, put up with me and made my time at DJCAD so special. And thank you for reading. Enjoy the rest of the online graduate showcase and stay safe!

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Enjoy the rest of the graduate showcase!

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