Degree Show 2020


Work on display: Animation

Animation is a narrative-driven course focussing on characters and storytelling. Accordingly, this year’s graduands have produced a rich array of short films and showreels that showcase their abilities across these and other skills.

There is a strong tendency toward hand-drawn animation at this year, with the majority of work being produced through this method as opposed to 3D animation. From sci-fi to horror, seriousness to humour, a wide array of genres, styles, subjects and techniques have been covered by the class of 2020.

We echo commercial practice as closely as possible. This means the course is constantly evolving to reflect an ever-changing industry that constantly requires graduates able to work new processes and software. With graduate credits in Game of Thrones, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and the Disney Channel, our course is recognised for graduates who have the skills employers need.

Over the past four years, our graduands have learned to work to briefs and about professional production practices within a variety of specialisms. During their final year with us, students work collaboratively to create a short animated film. Each student within the project will focus on two specific skills, such as storyboarding, animation or character design, and produce a showreel or portfolio to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

I would encourage everyone to take some time to browse through the wonderful short films and showreels they have produced and learn something of the creative development behind the final product.

Brendan Body
Programme Director

Sophia Austin

My ambition is to tell stories that people will never forget. A specialist in storyboarding and 2D animation, I'm...

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Deborah Barker

Hello, by now you have probably read a lot of artist's statements, describing their love of their craft, dreams...

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Lynn Biederer

Much of my inspiration comes from nature, which is why I feel at home in the realm of 2D effects, such as waves,...

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Reema Boualayan

As a person who has been thrilled by animated action shots since I was a child, I was very interested in all...

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Chloe Butchart

I am a 2D concept artist and character designer who has always loved 2D animation. Even now, I still enjoy cartoons...

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Jade Crooks

In my final year I was lucky enough to produce a film that I pitched. This experience has been incredible. As a...

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Rebecca Emslie

Hello, I am Rebecca Emslie and my specialisms are comics and character design. I am a bit of a jack of all trades...

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Conor Fraser

From a young age I have existed on a staple diet of comic books, films and metal music. Having first come to DJCAD...

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Eamonn Grady

During my 4th year I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects, all of which have allowed...

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Marceli Guziewicz

I specialise in 3D modelling and texturing, with my focus being character art for VFX and games. I especially love...

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Abigail King

As a 2D fanatic growing up I was always obsessed with concept art books and collected many which as a result I...

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Amy Kyle

Since childhood I found myself drawn to powerful imagery and storytelling. I quickly dove into making my own...

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Zhen Lin

During the final year of my animation course I dedicated my time in focusing on creating digital 3D sculptures. My...

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Natalie Litlekalsoy

Hello everyone! I'm Natalie Litlekalsoy and this year I specialised in 2D animation and character design. Thanks to...

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Molly Lockhart

I chose to specialise in comics and storyboarding when I realised these were great mediums to combine my love of...

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Millie Mara Mackie

Throughout my time at DJCAD I have been able to work on my skills as an animator and character designer. I have a...

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Alex McNee

In my final year I chose to specialise in 2D animation and character design and I contributed both of these skills...

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Molli Reynolds

Creating characters has been a passion of mine since I was a child, when I would doodle away and make up stories...

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Holly Sim

Specialising in concept art and 2D character animation, my time at DJCAD has aided me in improving my skills in...

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Emma Smith

I have always had a passion for drawing and storytelling. I love bringing stories and characters to life through...

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Josh Sneddon

I am a 2D artist specialising in character design and concept art. I've always had a passion for video games and...

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Emma Steele

This year I have specialised in 2D and 3D character animation. I have always had a great passion for drawing,...

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Zoë Stewart

Specialising in comics and concept art, my time at DJCAD has aided me in improving my skills in visual development,...

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Aleksandra Szejko

Working on our film 'The Walk' has given me the opportunity to expand my skills in concept art and 2D animation...

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Ya-Hsin Tu

During the course I chose to focus on character and environment modelling. I have always wanted to bring 2D...

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