Degree Show 2019

Jewellery and Metal Design

Work on display: Jewellery and Metal Design

Andrea Dritschel

Dark grace takes inspiration from nature, the human touch and pollution. The collection links these sources of...

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Stephanie Galloway

Escape combines my anxiety of traveling by train with the beauty I see within the engineering of the Tay Rail...

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Viktoria Georgieva

Jewellery about love has existed for centuries, yet nowadays it seems to be restricted mostly to engagement and...

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Anchoria Janet

My work draws inspiration from creating a balance between two seemingly juxtaposing things; crochet and brutalist...

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Isla Keiller

Growing up in a rural location has been the main influence through my creative practice. My parents met through...

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Denise Lafferty

Surrounded by the city, I am inspired by the evolution of objects and buildings around me. Each day we encounter...

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Trudi McVey

There are many natural phenomena that occur in the world, all of which provide a reminder of the power of nature...

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Allison Meighan

Inner Portrait Please join me on my journey to discover an alternative portrait. One that comes from within. ...

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Kate Morton

In my collection “Tokens of Remembrance”, I’ve been exploring the themes of loss and grief by creating...

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Milly Munday

The Beachcomber & Ocean Cluster collections have developed and grown from my love of Scottish beaches; with my...

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Rebecca Phelps

My collection ‘Creagan’ focuses on natural rock formations found on the East Coast of Scotland, specifically...

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Lorna Romanenghi

“Above and Below” is inspired by the way plants communicate and interact. By creating strong communication...

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Jewellery & Metal Design provides students with an intellectual and creative stimulus that encourages debate around perception and aesthetics. We create an awareness of the social and historical context of the discipline to encourage innovation and excellence.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and Architecture Degree Show at University of Dundee