Degree Show 2019

Interior & Environmental Design

Work on display: Interior & Environmental Design

Tehmina Ahmad

THE PIER reimagines an old ferry terminal in Newport-on-Tay, designed by Scottish architect Thomas Telford, which...

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Blair Boyle

“Design is a useful tool for resourceful people in challenging circumstances.” Rawsthorne A. Exploring...

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Tereza Chronakova

Re:Tay is a welcoming international destination for visitors of Dundee and locals that complements the functions of...

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Aleksandra Daszynska

Caring Corridor is a proposal for the redesign of the concourse of Ninewells Hospital, created in partnership with...

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Nadine Audrey Franz

Countdown - a recycled installation responding to the climate emergency announced by the UN in 2018. In only 11...

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Abbie Hunter

Dundee is becoming a well-known city in the eyes of design, due to becoming the UNESCO City of design, and the...

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Mara Kaspere

According to Flying Homes survey, Glasgow is the unhealthiest city in the UK. ‘Glasgow has the lowest life...

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Shannon Mackie

Fife has only two standalone special schools, however today there are more children being diagnosed with complex...

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Toni-Olivia Martin

The Pipe Factory aims to be a short-term artist residency located next to the iconic ‘Barra’s Market’ in...

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Anna Macpherson

What would you do if you discovered utopia existed and that you have been living in dystopia your whole life? /...

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Kieran McCann

THE CYGNET is my proposal for a new terminal at Dundee's airport, which is situated on the edge of the River Tay. /...

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Rachael McGuinness

I am redesigning an A-Listed building within the UNESCO village of New Lanark, into a creative therapy and arts...

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Jennifer Meier

Building upon a live industry project with Sumo Digital, I decided to create an open-world environment for a...

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Egle Ochenatu

‘People possess an inborn need of contact with nature, essential for their physical and mental health,...

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Zhiyu Qiu

The university student dormitories are usually crowded, repeat, lack of privacy and so on. Especially in China,...

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Claudia Steele

My project focuses on creating a smart permanent residential design that has the ability to incorporate...

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Hongni Zhu

I am working on an adaptive reuse project which aims to rehabilitate and redevelop an old residential building in...

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An exciting discipline involving the creation of interior spaces that enhance the quality of life of those using them. In designing shops, museums, courthouses, theatre sets or other interiors, designers use creative judgement and visual sensitivity as well as carefully resolving the practical aspects of a project.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and Architecture Degree Show at University of Dundee