Robbie Kieran

I strive to create characters and stories that, despite their surreal humour and presentation, conceal a sense of naive sentimentality. I utilise animal characters a lot in my work, seeing them to have a kind of universal relatability, being immediately more endearing, and thus somewhat disarming. I work digitally, and give my work a sense of warmth through the intentionally awkward and imperfect forms and proportions of my characters and environments. From my start at age 20 doing nothing but technical drawings, I've developed my artwork to explore untapped sentimentality within myself. A series of images for a campaign brief on behalf of Hostelworld. These are illustrations meant to depict typical scenes within a hostel environment, intended to present hostels as secure and welcoming places for uncertain travellers who aren't sold on the accessibility of travelling with hostels. Without telling any specific story, I took scenes from real hostels and recreated them with endearing characters, tapping into a sense of nostalgia and security through my cartoony children's book style.

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