Leah-Ann Walmsley-Pledl

This illustration is part of my personal project this semester entitled “Listening Habits”. I created a series of illustrations inspired and instigated by several interviews I conducted. The purpose of the interviews was to explore peoples’ relationship to music and the way in which they listen. These interviews led to my trying to visualise what people might be experiencing as they are listening to music; the world around them is transformed and the musicians appear to join them, interacting with them in real life situations. /The following quote from an interview underlies this piece: “…also Bon Iver, Holocene is maybe my all time favourite song?! "And at once I knew I was not magnificent Strayed above the highway aisle (Jagged vacance, thick with ice) I could see for miles, miles, miles" its just like a big lovely poem…” This particular illustration features the interviewee alongside the musician Bon Iver, they have hiked up to a high cliff, and are looking out upon a vast icy expanse.

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