Fraser Robertson

I’m a narrative focussed Illustrator who creates sci-fi and fantasy inspired work. My work is a blend of storytelling, character design and world building. My inspirations come from myth, science, and the natural world. I usually work digitally, but dabble with traditional and printed media to produce zines, comics and sequential artwork. I aspire to build a portfolio for character and concept design in the games and animated media industry. I'd like my future career to be a blend of both freelance work and my own personal projects. I’d describe my work as often colourful, curious and decorative. I’m very conscious of representation, especially in fictional and fantasy media as it allows a space to explore the human condition and expand upon the variety of diversity that already exists. My work this year has been focussed on world building; tying characters and the setting they inhabit together through narrative. My personal projects initially took inspiration from mythic Celtic & Pictish roots, exploring the ideas of ancient structures and their origin. Using this as a starting point to expand upon a more magical narrative of past civilisations in a fantasy setting, it then took a hold of its own to develop further. From this I'd like to continue producing work and ideas within this setting to flesh out and explore it further.

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