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Olivia Sharkey

I believe that all designs must begin with a strong, well-researched concept driving them. I strive to adapt my work to fit the needs of the client or task and am always interested in exploring new approaches to achieve this. In this way, I believe the relationship between a client and the design team is vital and there should always be strong communication between the two. I enjoy working within a strong team and thrive off of collaboration. I think it is important to consider an interdisciplinary approach, as they can often inspire innovation. The featured image is from Citizen of Everywhere; a typographic campaign originally submitted to the D&AD Awards for Monotype’s brief of celebrating community. The campaign celebrates expatriates and promotes conversation around an international lifestyle within a global climate. The project is intended to bring about positive social change, which I am devoted to incorporating into my design practice. I consider good practice to be a balance of dedication, open mindedness, and a good sense of humour.

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Graphic Design

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