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Zoe Cook

Over the last three years I have had a difficult time with my mental health which has had a great impact on my art and what I have chosen to create. Through my experience of trying different therapies to get better, I realised I was heavily documenting my life, always writing about how I am feeling, documenting mood patterns and taking pictures capturing moments both when I am full of life and wellness, and when I am at my worst, upset and feeling defeated. I began integrating my documentation and diary entries into my art as I felt I wanted to expose my vulnerability and share a side to myself which I, and many people, would usually keep hidden. Creating art in this way has become a therapy for me and although at times it can be difficult to share such raw and honest feelings with an audience, I find that creating these works helps me to cope, assisting me in my recovery. I also hope that showing such personal works will convey the difficulty and confusion that I face and that those who have experienced similar struggles to myself will be able to relate to it and seek comfort in knowing they’re not alone.

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