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Saskia Singer

‘In playing and only in playing.. the individual child or adult is able to be creative.’ (D. Winnicott, Squiggle Theory 1971) Play is integral to art; fun and enjoyable but also, subconsciously, thoughtful and practical. The catalyst? Donald Winnicott’s Squiggle Theory; psychoanalytic investigations building therapeutic relationships with children, whereby squiggles were used in place of orthodox therapy practices or vocal words to gain insight into what children’s marks represent. Ultimately, a child’s early marks are a raw way of expressing their imagination, creativity and, above all, feelings, predating the mastery of verbal language. Informed by Jean Dubuffet and John Cages Chance Operations, my work is deeply motivated by the role of the unconscious and placing importance on carefree aspects of squiggles and mark-making. My practice is predominantly ‘playing’ with materials, process and primitive techniques, it utilises the formless form of the squiggle; the subconscious and acts as a guiding foundation for visual production. Squiggles, mark-making and random object-placement are elements of this play. It is a correlation of an improvised approach; working intuitively to create an installation and continually thinking, doing and reflecting on how I can create mini dialogues, conversations and a lively energy within the work.

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Fine Art

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