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Raymond Byrne

We exist in a constant state of change, from the moment of our conception until the last particles of our decay disperse and re-join the cosmic pool of energy we inhabit. A fascination for this concept has led me to develop a practice which focuses upon ways of conveying these ideas. Creating mainly process and material driven work which utilises traditional and modern materials in an attempt to convey the world we live in as a melting pot of atoms, being continually reshaped and remade, to this end I endeavour to take familiar and found objects and create new versions, utilising unfamiliar materials or skewing the perspective thus allowing the viewer to find their own patterns whilst still being aesthetically pleasing. Bronze has become the primary material of choice in my work, the transformation of ore to a metal through heat and pressure which can be manipulated and worked to produce a new form resonates with the feelings of time and change that I wish to evoke. The show I have produced is a culmination of ideas and techniques, visualising the concept of time and transformation through the utilisation of natural and processed material, which can be viewed individually or as an installation.

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Fine Art

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