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Montse Pearce Suarez

There is a malevolence stirring in Europe – taking a hold all over the world. The grip of the powers that be is tightening, dismantling the union of mind, body and soul. Where are the artists in opposition, who have not been bought by these hands? Our history of war and struggle should inform our present and yet we forget. The artists and thinkers who grant us fresh perspectives are kept within institutions unreachable to the under privileged. Artists play the game of revolution. Artists have the power to pull down the walls of patriarchy, bigotry and class. It is time for artists to create works of passion not for pitiless payments. Let us dress ourselves with our beliefs. Let us shout about change with courage. Let us use our language for the rebellion. My work is my effort to deal with the rising tensions present in our world today; fascism, Brexit, the refugee crisis, surveillance, terrorism and Trumps America. As much as an escape for me as it is a protest, my work seeks to remind my audience of our shared past by working with the parallels between WW2 and today. My style is eclectic, with expression coming before aesthetics. My attitude is punk with chaos and contradiction being central to my practice.

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