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Lynn Hammond

Stone circles and their astronomical links are highly symbolic to me. Grounded in the earth, the stones signify belonging, permanence, stability, family, community and sense of place. Stone itself is sacred, a sign of strength and permanence, weathering storms to remain standing after thousands of years. The circle is also sacred, a symbol of eternity, totality, protection, infinity, female, totality, wholeness and family; a representation of the seasons, the cycles of the universe, the movement of the planets, and the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Despite their permanence, the stones are ever-changing, with every passing second of the day as the sun arcs across the sky, their form changes. The light hits every plane and facet to constantly alter their appearance. They glow orange and violet in the colours of the sunset, sparkle white like diamonds in the midday sun when the rays hit the quartz that runs through them, and gleam silver in the light of a full moon. Their form and shadows are perpetually in motion, never the same for more than a passing moment with the motion of the sun and moon. The solid permanence of the stones are juxtaposed against the transient, fleeting effect of the light rays that reflect from them. As with the people who inhabit the landscape, these images will disappear only to exist in our memory. Art, both ancient and contemporary, facilitates connections between people, land, nature and history.

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