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Lauren McIntyre

My work focuses on body image and the pressure the media puts on men and women to conform to societal ideals of beauty and masculinity. Body image and what a woman should look like is something I have struggled with growing up since I was a young girl, occasionally viewing my appearance as a vulnerability. Within my current practice I have focused on glossy magazines because of the negative use of body shaming slogans and the unrealistic message these cover models promise the viewer in hopes of a better appearance. Collage as a process for me is successful because it gives me the ability to dissect the original images from these magazines and reconstruct what an ideal human would look like if we built our appearance on individual features of others, almost like how a plastic surgeon rebuilds a person’s appearance based on inspiration for celebrities they idolise. The results are often quite grotesque in which can be seen in my collages. We realise that it is almost impossible to become an exact replica of someone else without completely loosing our own identity. By scaling up my original work into life-like figures it confronts the viewer with their grotesque and disfigured appearance to bring attention to the reality of being obsessed with altering their appearance to achieve the ‘ideal’ appearance.

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