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Lauren Hamill

This work centres on the cultures and the reasons surrounding people choice to be tattooed. Research into the history and culture of tattooing as a practice allowed for an understanding into the connections between the past and present. My research began with photographs of people’s tattoos and talking about their specific meanings and symbolism of their chosen art piece. This led me to fixate on combining contemporary styles of art with that of tattooing, trying to eliminate the facade that tattooing is some sort of fashion trend, where in truth has a rich history and designs that have great amount of meaning. Drawing is a large part of a tattoo artist’s job, which brought me to creating giant flash sheet styled drawings of tradition designs used in tattoo studios, with this a combination of portraiture with tattoo elements throughout. I’m looking for the work as a whole to be engaging and really capture the ideas that tattooing is a legitimate art form.

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Fine Art

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