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Lauren Angus

My earliest childhood memories are of exploring the natural world. This has fuelled my passion for working with organic materials. The beauty and energy of the natural world inspires me and brings me a sense of contentment. I use these materials to create sculptures which depict the intricate underground connections of plants and trees. Many people are unaware of the complexity of the natural environment and our human impact on it. It is estimated that from the beginning of the Anthropocene, humans have caused the loss of half of the plants on Earth. I utilise plants and grasses to create sculptural work and prints. Showing these natural elements in a space where they are not typically found, heightens the viewers awareness of nature and reminds us of our duty to protect and appreciate these delicate ecosystems. By using a soluble fabric, I sew the plants together and partially preserve the materials while using them. I use plant material which I have found on walks that I used to go on as a child with my family. Binding the organic matter together using threads mimics the complex underground networks between the plants.

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Fine Art

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