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Kirstie Behrens

My current work consists of two time based projects, ‘The Land’ and ‘The Sea’ which have been running for over a year. Natural elements are used actively as tools in this process creating marks which are traces and evidence of the passage of time.The land project draws inspiration from St. Michael’s wood inspiring etchings of a tree stump and other remaining trees. I am also interested in how time and the elements can deepen the artistic concept. I exposed an etching of a tree stump in the wood to the elements placing it beneath one of the trees and left it to see how the passage of time would reveal itself as the the etching developed interesting marks and structures from bird droppings, the activities of foraging animals and the weather. Over the year the etching, printed on paper, once a tree has been reclaimed by nature completing the cycle. The hand made brushes were created from natural materials found in St.Michael’s Wood and used for on site preliminary drawings. I have filmed the crows flying from tree to tree at the location of the tree stump as part of my film showing elements of sound and movement.In the sea project, the etchings of the rusty float on the shore have themselves been parcelled up with bits of rust tied with string and then exposed over the seasons to the ebb and flow of the tide. They carry traces of their time under the waves. A film layering images and sound is projected onto a surviving sea-washed etching.

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