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Jordan Bruce

The C*nt Cult could be easily mistaken for an organisation based on bigotry, hatred and discrimination. But their focus is to crack the egg shelled skulls of today and damage the PC agenda. But like any cult or deranged religion, they promote love and alternative thinking. Finding pleasure in teasing and taunting both, the right and left wing with their controversial views. It's a massive rebellious middle finger to the world. The C*nt Cult is a frictional concept, I personally seek no harm to any social groups or individuals. The C*nt Cult is somewhat a parody and is simply holding a clean mirror up to the world. Inspired by existent cults and religions, predominantly the UFO religious millenarian cult 'Heaven’s Gate’. I found it intriguing that one man persuaded 39 of his followers to commit suicide, in order to reach what they believed was an extra-terrestrial spacecraft following Comet Hale–Bopp. As an artist, it's difficult to shield yourself from today's politics. I personally struggle to engage with any ideologies spewed up from the politicians and leaders. The C*nt Cult have decided to remove themselves from any political positions and create their own. Either through stubbornness or idiocy. (You decide)

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