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Jemma Halford

My work focuses on the repression of female sexuality and the censorship surrounding sexual education which is being taught to many young children. I have explored stages of life and mortality centralising around relationships and pleasure. In order to understand why it is still deemed an acceptable practice within some contemporary societies to under-educate young people on topics such as safe sex and what comes with that including consent, protection and mutual climax. As a painter I have long been fascinated with intricately studying various objects in order to closely recreate them allowing me to manipulate their form and presence. Through my paintings I want to open up discussion regarding the sexual inequality felt by woman both during intercourse as well as within their daily existence. I have studied a number of sexual aids including sex toys and contraceptive tools, such as Condoms, depicted in various stages of use. By presenting these items visually I hope to remove the stigma that surrounds them and provoke a conversation in order to remove the preconceived notions of shamefulness they have and desensitise any negative, outraged attitudes.

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