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Jack Slicer

My work over the last few years has taken a dramatic change in direction. 5 years ago I considered myself a contemporary artist who produced traditional forms of art such as painting, sketches and drawings. I have progressed my specialism into digital media, photography and moving image. I specialise in time based art using 360-degree immersive photography and video to captivate and transport the viewer into a visually stunning landscape. I focus on mental distance and presence in my art, allowing the viewer to get lost in the now or interpret the meaning of the imagery for themselves. My influences are based in nature, the environment, future and mental health. I have struggled with anxiety in the past. In the last year I have made lifestyle changes which I believe have aided to the betterment of my mental health. The biggest change I have made is to get fit and ride my bicycle everyday. I am now mad about cycling. For employment I became a bicycle courier, I was elected a position on the committee for the university cycling club acting as club secretary, I started competing in cross country and enduro mountain bike races and I also used my bicycle as a form of mediation and a way for me travel to locations for photography trips. Riding my bike became a staple for my art and lifestyle. The aim of my work is to bring the beauty of urban, rural and hidden locations of diverse Scottish scenes to an online platform, I believe I can achieve this through Virtual Reality.

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Fine Art

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