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Hannah Crooks

I have recently experienced first-hand, in the context of a developing country, the overt subjugation of women. Women being repressed in the most physically and emotionally brutal manner compelled me to focus on the plight faced by women, daily, to varying degrees, in order to be taken seriously and have their voices heard and in the most extreme cases, live their lives. On a trip to Kenya I was confronted with the brutal reality of Female Genital Mutilation. When there, I visited a refuge centre for young women running away from FGM and early forced marriage. These girls were just children but without the protection of the refuge they would’ve already been someone’s wife, expected to act and do the work of an adult, yet remain naïve and submissive. It drove me to concentrate on the many ways different cultures and societies harm and undermine young women in an aim to control and own them. My photo series is a broad representation of the damage done to girls globally as they develop and the effect it has on women and their place in society. Women, like flowers, when mistreated during growth, will lose their vibrancy and power. When nurtured properly, they will blossom, strong, bold and beautiful.

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