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Hannah Benassi

My work is informed by the process of combining edited and organised research with the fluidity of intuitive mark-making. Inspired by my Italian heritage, I take advantage of research opportunities, where I gather photographic source material that explores the relationship between organic and human-made qualities found within the old ruins and rustic towns of Italy. Making continuous reference to my material content, I respond to this by deconstructing the information into simplified forms such as, colour palette, surface texture, architectural and organic structures. The continuous reworking of deconstructing and reconstructing my research is a repetitive process that is significant to my practice as a whole, where it enables me to create tools for composing new constructions of complimentary qualities. Working primarily within the medium of paint, my work explores the use of clay, cloth, and pasted papers. This multi-media approach is influenced by my collated use of abstracted information, where I am interested in creating structural layers of soft, raw and concrete like textures that represent traditional qualities within contemporary art.

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Fine Art

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