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Greig McLennan

Working across a range of mediums, photography, sculpture and text; I like to experiment with common materials and found objects, manipulating and changing them to create thought provoking sculptures, presenting reality; whilst attempting to stimulate a mixture of senses and emotions, evoking a psychological and physiological response. I am fascinated by the role of language, word play and the linguistic exchange which takes place between the viewer and the text, how seemingly banal sentences can become poetic and how we interpret words along with the images and sounds they conjure up in our minds. I am also interested in coincidence, being attentive and what it means to be human. Often working intuitively, drawing inspiration from past experiences and the environment around me, I try to convey my response, whilst being intrigued how imagery has connections to certain feelings and/or associations which reside in each of us.

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Fine Art

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