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Finlay Hall

We don’t remember what we saw, only what we felt. With this in mind, it would appear that the content of a work matters less than what one feels before, during, and after experiencing a work. Content still matters, as this is responsible for making people feel, but it is not the primary point of the work, nor what the audience remembers most. Therefore, more time and effort must be spent crafting an emotion than an object. It is for this reason that I gravitate towards DIY, Lo-fi, or Minimalist aesthetic choices. I believe that beauty lies in honesty, and for this reason I like to embrace mistakes, keep things simple, and not tell lies - through my work or otherwise. Form invites action. Most of the objects I work with facilitate interaction. Chess tables, boxes with people in them, podcasts, event posters, cheese + wine and balloons are all invitations to interact with the world. And this is where my work lies - action/interaction.

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