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Emma Goodwin

To me, a white square space can be incredibly daunting. It is empty, it is overwhelmingly blank, leaving too much left unsaid. Therefore, within my work it is important to stray as far from a typical gallery space as possible. Within my paintings there are spaces with no walls, worlds where gravity does not operate as it usually would and an abundance of vibrant colour. It is an alternate reality to provide an escape from everyday life and a glimpse into the graphic universe of my dreams. Focusing on artists such as Keith Haring, Dominique Petrin and Yayoi Kusama, I admired the bold quality to their work and their ability to create striking and fully immersive spaces from their designs. Their work led my paintings down a more abstract, fantastical route, conceiving new realities and mixing the mundanity of real life with the plastic, sickly sweet patterns and shapes I had manufactured in my head. My work is fun, it is playful, and it is not meant to be taken too seriously. I want it to be animated and lively, ready to make a loud statement in contrast to the bleakness that reality brings.

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Fine Art

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