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Emma-Louise Grady

My paintings explore the practice of intuitive mark-making. Every day surroundings influence my creative process; I can be inspired by any form of marking and subconsciously use this when painting. Middle eastern patterns also help to inform my knowledge through their use of colour and repetition. Each piece composes of only five to six main colours. This is an important part of my process as it helps to guideline my mark-making. My work represents a sense of freedom and fluidity. Each mark made is a direct response to the previous which creates a free formed, improvised finished piece. This allows for each painting to stand on its own with no connection to the previous one. The combination of vibrant colours and unique marks creates a kaleidoscopic effect to my work; this is through the use of small details, as it forms a new world within the paintings, producing a multiverse the viewer can absorb themselves into. My intentions for my work are to express the essence of vitality throughout. Although my process does not follow a concept, the spectator may form one based on their own theories when observing the paintings, generating an unheard story unique to the individual.

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Fine Art

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