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Elena Cheltsova

Commonplace objects such as a table or a pot have a long history from ancient times. They also have deep conceptual meanings in terms of the society functioning implying the ideas of communion, cooperative labour, friendship, and family. The mind of the maker is present in the objects conceived, engineered, fabricated and installed; therefore, they can refer to the old philosophical question about the relationship of mind and matter. Reflecting on the relations between Art and Craft I was curious to see how the manipulation of materials might lead to the appearance of ideas and how the ideas might be embodied into the materials and objects imbuing them with personality and sensibility. I study material relationships combining different properties in one object - textures, colours, temperatures. I am interested in using the old methods and techniques, such as throwing on a pottery wheel or wood joinery. The emerging objects form their own small world with a touch of humour - an important part of our life. They contain some of my family history and are a form of self-portrait. ‘Timetable’ represents the idea of four generations in one family that can gather together at a dining table (a leg for each generation united by the circle of the top). The spiral – the timeline, that can be continued endlessly both ways – suggests the length of present life passing through different ages. The endless column of the pots implies the idea of a shared meal and future generations.

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Fine Art

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