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Dani Christine Scott

A self-portrait is usually a subjective representation of the Artist. However, within my work I explored how to reproduce the self-image through those around me who have had a profound effect on my life and upbringing. My paintings show the connection I have with selected groups of people; My Family, My Extended Family and My Friends. Through them I created a depiction of myself by examining photographs of these people and concentrating on a particular area. I then produce paintings using the realism style and focusing on the attention to detail through the medium of oil paint. I wanted my paintings to have a dramatic effect to stimulate emotion from the viewer which would enable them to relate to each piece of work in their own way. I presented this by creating intricate monochrome pieces which were painted on various sizes of wood board. Depending on the concentrated part of the photograph and what story it told, this determined which size and shape of wood board that I preferred to use for the selective images. Each painting tells a connective story that unites our bond and through this shows my self-portrait and how these people shaped me into the person I am today.

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