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Cecile Bec

Adopting birds as a means of expression in my work, I explore themes of resilience, sensibility, energy and voice. I am especially drawn to the smallest of birds, due to the strength they have despite their delicate and lightweight frames, and I draw a connection with the strength we can find within ourselves even in the most fragile, precarious moments. I have based this body of work on two bird species which balance and complement each other. The tiny Goldcrest weighs just six grams yet is resilient enough to survive an enormous eight hundred kilometre journey across the North Sea. The Bullfinch weighs four times as much as the Goldcrest and is a shy, sedentary bird with a peaceful presence. This balance of vitality and serenity provides me with a foundation from which to build work which is subtle, sensitive and uplifting. The foundations of my work are in metal, having come from a background in jewellery design. I use techniques such as forging, welding, wirework, and saw piercing to create sculptural work. I love the resilience and strength of the material combined with its capacity to become a pliable, expressive substance given the right application. The material echoes the resilience, energy and balance I admire in birds. With metal sculpture as the backbone of my work I use line, colour, drawing and text in a free flowing way to create installations.

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