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Calum Stevenson

With my work, I draw inspiration from my surroundings and experiences. When I was a child, I became unwell on a family holiday that left me hooked up to an IV line in a foreign hospital. Since that experience, I’ve always been fascinated by my fear for medical imagery which has become more of a phobic obsession. Though it makes me uncomfortable, I like to work with these memories to create a more personal painting. Growing up in and around the area of Cumbernauld I admired the grim beauty of various brutalist architecture. I combine my medical memories with childhood surroundings as I look back on the place that I have a strong yet unappreciated connection with. I use scientist figures in my work as I find that their actions resonate with the feeling I experience when I walk the locations of my paintings. The works often result in an almost dream-like environment that plays on Cumbernauld’s original aim to be the city of the future.

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Fine Art

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