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Angharad Griffith

Initially my work centred around feelings of nostalgia towards my university experience, however, I felt this nostalgia was rose tinted; that the university experience I was thinking about was cherry-picked. Following from this, my feelings became more negatively intense causing the shift from my initial idea to my current. Triggered by the ending of university, my feelings and emotions became heavily weighed around not knowing where I was going or what I wanted to do. Feelings of being lost, anxious and the want to escape became echoed in my practice. I wanted to capture these states of mind mentioned, using blurred painterly photographs. I felt that most if not all these emotions are shared by students and anyone facing uncertainties regarding their future; making them almost communal. My work has always revolved around the people close to me. Since this is intrinsically my style, I used my friends as models in my photographs which, I felt, added a layer of intimacy to my work. Knowing that the models I use have felt or are feeling these emotions adds both reassurance and a sense of union to my photographs. Making these photographs became an outlet and a therapy for dealing with my own uncertainties; as I hope they will be for my audience.

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