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Alessandra Lisi

The correlation between manmade structures and Nature’s interventions within urban spaces is a driving force within my practice. Walking within the city and documenting observations as well as collecting personal data has formed an archive of material that I have developed into sculptures. Much of the assembled information depicts communication and the editing of language within the curated space that is the city. In these works, I am particularly interested in unplanned collaborations between nature and structures. In a series of anthropomorphic, free-standing sculptures that utilise both natural and found-objects, the physical binding that connect the two, communicate an attraction or desire for a holistic togetherness within our urban surroundings. The seemingly disciplined and geometric layout of the city streets is conveyed through the spacing and placement of the sculptures within the installation. The viewer becomes the city-walker in my works and is invited to explore the environment I have created mindfully and with no pre-conceptions. I am interested in the universal connection between the structured elements of urban environments and the curated nature within it, at our blind spots to see and engage with the familiar and give attention to a different sort and scale of wilderness.

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Fine Art

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