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Alana Hay

Dundee is a vibrant city full of lots of interesting people. A next door neighbour, a work colleague or even your best friend’s son. My work reflects the diversity of ethnicities, personalities and appearances that make up this city. Challenging the historical format that portraits are of the important and rich characters in society by creating portraits of the average citizen. The project is entitled ‘Happenstance’ to reflect the chance situation of each encounter I had with a member of the public. Armed with two chairs, I went into the city centre offering free portrait sketches in return for 10 minutes of conversation and a photograph. The photograph of each individual was then used to create an etched portrait. Etching is the printmaking process of creating incisive lines on a metal plate using acid. The medium allowed me to continue on from the original sketch but in a more refined manner. Each conversation I engaged in was a rare and rewarding opportunity to connect with people I otherwise would never have met. Encompassing 3 generations and 7 countries, I want my work to reflect Dundee as a city; showing a small glimpse into the lives of strangers that we live alongside.

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