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Aine McFadden

I have been heavily influenced by Eric Ravilious’ series of lithographs based on the British High Street. There is a huge contrast between the high street he illustrated in the 1930’s compared to the one we know today - the businesses in towns and cities across the country rapidly declining. My art practice has focused on buildings and shop fronts, which introduced the idea of creating a life-sized shop front. This project is composed of various different screen-prints, brought together and framed to create the illusion of a high street shop. I chose to recreate a small bakery located in Moffat called, R. Little. This business stood out throughout my research for its vintage, wooden aesthetic, which fitted in with my aim to preserve the old-fashioned exterior of shops that are rapidly closing across the country. I have always been interested in incorporating technology into my art practice. For this project, I used a variety of different methods. I like keeping the hand-drawn element to my work but developing pencil drawings on Photoshop, manipulating them and creating different effects that I can use as separations for screen-prints. I also use Illustrator to recreate my own drawings, later laser cutting them into MDF creating the framework of the shop.

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Fine Art

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