Degree Show 2019

Digital Interaction Design

Work on display: Digital Interaction Design

Arooj Alim

Looking into my grandmother’s life, I took inspiration from her desire to build and grow her English speaking...

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Sarah Barr

With the rise in the use of mobile devices and social media, screen-time amongst families and children is at an...

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Gregor Cowie

“Assembly” is a platform designed to allow the crowd-sourcing of democracy for the development of a 21st...

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Jacqueline Cumming

For my final year project I decided to look into the use of design and mental health. As society becomes more aware...

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Christopher Curran

Memorize is a platform for users to make their digital memories posted on social media more tangible. Users set up...

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Robert Ferguson

I believe that Powerlifting is a sport about constant improvement. Powerlifters do everything we can to improve...

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Blair Gibson

Stride is an app which is designed for users that provides a service which enables people to get back into outdoor...

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Frazer Grant

With a passion for designing creative physical-digital products, I look to bridge the gap between design, fun and...

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Calum Malcolm

To me, music is an important factor in bringing groups of people together, combining both energy and atmosphere...

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Jenna Maudlin

I am a creative thinking, problem solving multi-disciplinary artist and designer, specialising in interaction...

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Chloe Nash

My project is based around giving blind and partially sighted individuals a more enriching experience in a museum,...

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Beth Shannon

Dementia can be an isolating and lonely illness detaching the individual from their family, friends, and...

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Ye Tian

MTKeeper is an application on two mobile platforms, engaging children and their parents to explore the museum...

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Virpi Vainola

Art hobbyists are surrounded by a daily feed of influential artwork, but for many creatives this media feed is also...

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Chenghuan Ye

My personal project is to build an PC-based VR app called EASY DRUM KIT, controllers can simulate a real playing...

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Digital Interaction Design is all about being creative about how digital technology will affect our everyday lives. This doesn't just mean computers. Digital technology is almost everywhere - from mobile devices to intelligent clothing.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and Architecture Degree Show at University of Dundee