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Renee Hunter

To understand myth, you must open yourself up to your inner psychological world. Carl Gustav Jung’s psychoanalysis of the archetypes reveal primitive, universal images and behaviours inherited from our earliest ancestors. They reside repressed within the impersonal layer of the human psyche, known as the collective unconscious. To have such content brought to our awareness, we must come to terms with their existence. As such, images are revealed in dream and fantasy states as a way for humans to comprehend the mysteries that life presents. These images are myth. / By creating a serious of hand drawn screen-printed images, I explore humanities foundations in mythologies and folk tales I enjoy from my home county, South Ayrshire. With such tales no longer shared and celebrated within our community, I thought it important to bring my local heritage back to the forefront of our minds. The world has become driven by what the future holds, rather than learning from our forebearers. I found it important to bring each tale to the modern-day, using imagery such as cars to show that myth depicts human existence, the world we live in, and how we process what daily life presents. Although each story is ancient, they hold themes such as discrimination, institutionalised racism and the barbarity of life still common to our modern society.

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Art & Philosophy

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