Art & Philosophy

Katherine Fay Allan

‘The rest of us, we just go gardening’

Born from witnessing my mother undergo intensive treatment for a life-threatening illness, this work aims to capture the process of medical procedures and the physical suspension between wellness and sickness. In the book ‘Adventures of Human Being’ I came across an account by a surgeon that compared brain surgery to the act of gardening. This comparison illustrates the true physicality between the medical professional and the patient’s body during this process; as parts are removed and mended by another. While also making us consider the boundaries made between the sterile and the unclean in regards to the environment of the modern hospital. This artwork takes the form of a patient bay reimagined to embody this surreal suspension by drawing attention to the boundaries made by the state of the body itself.

Treatment is to be suspended in the space between

inside outside
sterile unclean
in-organic organic
machine human
alive deceased
wellness sickness
care giver cared for

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Art & Philosophy

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