Degree Show 2019

Art & Philosophy

Work on display: Art & Philosophy

Katherine Fay Allan

‘The rest of us, we just go gardening’

Born from witnessing my mother undergo intensive treatment for...

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Mhairi Brown

I am a multimedia artist, presently using forms of writing, printing, painting and drawing to research and express...

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Greg Cahill

My work is concerned only with the rawest senses and has no interest in the narrative or representative and is...

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Christopher Connarty

My practice concerns the iconography of instruction and accident which occupies the built environment. We are...

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Ellen Cruickshank

The work I create gravitates around the theme of representing my genetic background and the Scottish landscape. I...

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Jamie Donald

I can make you a list of the best rhymes I know/
it may require some hesitation/
over whether or not the...

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Iliana Francia-Elliott

Studying as a parent to one child has limitations. Studying through pregnancy and now as a parent to two children...

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Renee Hunter

To understand myth, you must open yourself up to your inner psychological world. Carl Gustav Jung’s...

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Sarah King

We all attach our memories and ideas onto otherwise useless and seemingly unimportant objects. Our memories and...

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Sophie Lunts

Habitually, I place all my hopes into futures that are often not mine. I will never see the post-humanism of the...

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Archie McIver

I want what I make to be open to interpretation. It is often a mystery to me the exact origins of what I make....

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Heather Millar

The forestry area of “Devilla” has served to be the accomplished setting for an ambiguous narrative to be told...

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Christie Thomson

My practice exists amidst two fields; art and philosophy. The relationship of these subjects has always remained at...

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Jodie Williamson

McLaughlin + Williamson

Dwelling in the ‘aura’ of technological, historical and obsolete sites; we...

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